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Feel Free to browse around and I hope that you will find something to your liking. My Chainmaille is mostly made from lightweight aluminum for its strength and its low allergy rating. I can make any item you see in any type of metal with a price correction just specify which material you want and I can tell you how much it will cost in the end. If you see have any custom ideas of designs you would like to be made feel free to contact me and I am sure I will be able to make it in chainmaille to your liking. Always refreshing always adding new items to my store so if you dont find something that has that jump out at design. I have also done some custom leather work that will be posted in my gallery.All Items include Free Shipping and Handling.

At the Moment my Site is going under repairs with new photos being added and a Price setup being made Sorry for the inconvenience. Most links will be down for a small while Thank you. Feel Free to Check out my Deviant Arts Page as well which has more of my stuff.





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