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Here is where I show off the custom pieces I have made over the years. If you see an item here that you would like recreated for yourself, I will gladly work with you to make something similar.


A Set of Ankhs I made that were then sewn onto a pair of Pockets


Friend of Mine Enjoying a Stroll on one of Quebecs Beaches.

A Chainmaille Inlay I did for Jennie Breeden Based on her Web Comic Devils Panties

A Top I made for a woman for clubbing.

A Chainmaille and Marble Candle Holder I made for a woman to display in her shop.

Chainmaille Coif with Mantle that I made for a Customer.

Customer wanting a Lined Top so I lined this one with Deer Skin.

Custom Order for a friend for a photo shoot.

A Necklace, Ankle Bracelet, Bracelet, and Belt I made for a Local Belly Dancer.

A couple Card Holders I made for a few guys for their business. The First two are one Card Holder and the Other two are the other Card Holder.

A Few Masks I made the one in the Middle was my Second One and the last one is the same mask that glows in the dark.

A Few Keyfobs I made for Special Orders.

A Rose Collar I made for a Friend.

Two Wallets I made ( I actually finished the second one but haven't gotten around to taking pictures). The first one was a mothersday present and the second was for myself.

A Shamrock Coin I made for a Patricks Day Event. I made twenty-five of them.

A bracelet I made for a friend.

I made two of these water bottle holders about 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave for an event I was going to for the weekend.